Baby Room Setup

Thinking of setting up a nursery or babyroom with co-ordinating room sets, furniture and accessories with children's favourite characters and colours? That's our job.

Our Word of guarantee

At Mercylink Mother and Child Superstore, we will make your nursery exactly the room you have always dreamed of having for your lovely child or children.

We have sample catalogues with different pictures of baby nurseries and playrooms that you can choose from. You can call to talk to any of our experts on:

0802 764 9344 or 0805 367 5782


Come in store and talk with us @

Mercylink Store
Suites 77-79, Dolphin Plaza,
Corporation Drive.
Dolphin Estate,
Ikoyi, Lagos,
Opening hours: Mon - Sat: 9am - 7pm


Send us a mail at

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